About Me

Hello Everyone, Thanks for your time !

This is Cherry Choi from Guangzhou, China.

Cherry Choi

Basic Information:

Gender: Female

Language: Mandarin, Cantonese, English

Service: Tour guide/, Interpreter, Business assistant ,shoppingassistant ,Car rental ,Airport/Train station pick-up or drop-off......

Contact information: Cherrychoiming@163.com

Recent location: Guangzhou, China. (Can work with you in anycity of China mainland, and also Hongkong, Macau)

Read more about me:

Hello everybody, this is Cherry from Guangzhou China.

I am a full-time tour guide/interpreter/sourcing agent inGuangzhou China.

In this year of the Rooster, I am 28, female J

May you all a happy new year!!!

Actually I am from Foshan city, which it is about 1.5 hoursdriving distance from Guangzhou downtown. But I am located in Guangzhou at themoment. I have been working in this area for more than 4 years. Aftergraduation, I decided to stay in this nice city. I have been here for more than9 years, now living and working here. Maybe I know Guangzhou better than myhometown .

Meanwhile, I go to Hongkong, Shenzhen and Macau very often,and also some other cities around Guangzhou. As you like, I can travel/workwith you to any city.

About my job:

1)      Airport pick-up & drop-off (includingHongkong airport)

2)      Car service with driver on actual charges basis

3)      Sightseeing/tourist guide ,food and shoppingguide

4)      Price negotiations with suppliers on client’sbehalf

5)      Interpretation , translation ofdocument/email/websites for Clients

6)      Local Market assistance in China

7)      Interpreting service / Car rental /Sourcingagent in Guangzhou

I love China!!!

I love travelling and studying! I would love to learn moreChinese culture and get more knowledge during travelling and studying, andwould like to share it to you.

As a private tour guide, I do hope we can be just likefriends not like the normal tourist group.

Just wanted you can enjoy the trip and have some wonderfulmoment here in China.

Meanwhile, as a business assistant, I will try my best tomake your trip worth every single pennyJ

Anyway, welcome to China!